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King Richard - 2021

Richard Williams serves as a coach to his daughters Venus and Serena, who will soon become two of the most legendary tennis players in history.


2023-02-22 18:28:29
Real Man with all his flows a real man. only wanted the best for his girls he's alright in my book.....💯
2023-12-29 10:59:16
as I was saying I'm not an African-American I'm an American Indian and Irish I was very good at tennis I just wish I'd had the backing of my parents or a father or mother at the time I was also very good at gymnastics but I didn't have the backing and I love you guys and I'm so g
2023-12-29 10:58:12
absolutely a wonderful story I was studying tennis when I was younger I didn't have the backing I wish I would had they would have been great one day maybe not as good as you but I love watching you guys you guys are an inspiration to the world I love both of you and I'm not an A
2023-06-15 01:53:41
I really enjoyed this movie. the story was told very well. their dad planned it and so it was
2023-11-26 00:34:59
such an inspirational truth straight out of Compton 2 of the GREATEST SISTERS now STONED into HERSTORY/history 4ever remembered, never 2 b4 gotten....VENUS and SELENA WILLIAMS
2023-12-29 11:00:15
very happy that you guys are doing such a wonderful job I would love to meet both of you one day and real life your inspiration to the world I love you guys!!!
2022-09-17 06:01:48
this is a great movie
2022-10-30 23:58:44
I had a photo with Venus