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Knights of the Zodiac - 2023

When a headstrong street orphan, Seiya, in search of his abducted sister unwittingly taps into hidden powers, he discovers he might be the only person alive who can protect a reincarnated goddess, sent to watch over humanity. Can he let his past go and embrace his destiny to become a Knight of the Zodiac?


2023-07-02 11:16:39
Good movie! Would have been better if the knight that taught him was his sister or if his sister had more of a role. Overall good movie tho.
2023-06-28 21:27:32
not a bad movie great story line I would highly recommend it
2023-07-02 07:59:27
been seeing the ads on TikTok and finally it's on this app i said it before this app is the best. I've had minor problems but other than that kick-ass
2023-07-10 09:23:28
this is a really good movie and a not bad storyline I hope they will continue the story of this movie with more new movies or I wish they would have made this into a real TV show like the anime ones were of this movie
2023-07-03 07:10:34
Total garbage! Nothing relatable to the original anime. Where's the other Knights protecting Athena? Nice try Hollywood but you miserably failed!
2023-07-05 20:40:55
seriously the actors did more voice over work for this than actual acting, this is a B rated sci-fi movie at best, and the story line is just too over done, it be great if people had an original thought now in days instead of playing off the Greek mythology
2023-07-05 23:47:27
I give this movie a 10/10 could have rename the movie to like Knights of the Gods or something like that but anyway it's a good movie tho
2023-07-01 11:25:02
wow blew my mind I hope there's a part 2 in the future