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Land of Bad - 2024

When a Delta Force special ops mission goes terribly wrong, Air Force drone pilot Reaper has 48 hours to remedy what has devolved into a wild rescue operation. With no weapons and no communication other than the drone above, the ground mission suddenly becomes a full-scale battle when the team is discovered by the enemy.


2024-02-20 12:14:35
The Col. should be busted in rank on this one. The Col. should be busted in rank on this one.
2024-02-23 04:36:42
Kick Ass Movie. Army Veteran here, and From Ohio. Russell Crowe Fans, Here is Another Great Performance.
2024-02-20 09:46:20
2024-02-24 12:37:50
Hemsworth brothers got it going on ,Love the action but with this film insertion ,suppressors , chain of command should have been slammed
2024-02-20 10:58:58
they don't even tell you Russell Crowe is in it
2024-02-18 13:34:03
great movie fast paced, action packed
2024-02-20 09:01:41
wowwww soo gooood, I would have broken that tv aswell
2024-03-24 14:45:02
This is one of the best modern ear movies to date. Clean story and acting, no exaggerated chronography. This was a 10/10 I don't care what anyone says