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Leave No Trace - 2018

A father and daughter live a cryptic although perfect presence in Forest Park, a nature reserve near Portland, Oregon making touch with the universe. But when they are tipped by a tiny mistake off they are routed to call their own.


2023-03-06 06:38:05
this movie isn't for everyone but it's about a guy who has problems and takes his daughter along for the ride but for a soft drama movie it was good
2022-10-09 10:33:16
love it...been there done that
2023-06-14 20:53:17
No, this wasn't any good. For me, to slow to boring. Irresponsible Dad wh drags his Daughter along. Form of child abuse
2022-12-18 08:14:23
Dumb ass 🎥 wasted my time watching this bullshit
2023-07-09 05:19:48
good movie