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LEGO DC: Batman - Family Mattersโ€‚-โ€‚2019

Back in LEGO DC: Batman - Family Matters, suspicion is on high cryptic invitations. Family values must stay strong when Batman and his team encounter the villainous Red Hood, who's obsessed with ruining the Bat Family and most of Gotham City.


2023-07-16 08:46:47
I was a little disappointed about Jason's backstory here but then again it needs to be child friendly. I just wish it would've been a little more serious. otherwise it's a good movie.
2023-02-24 10:07:53
great movie but Jason acting like Batman is just lol
2022-11-06 06:29:21
wait what!So um so the is a batwoman
2023-02-04 10:42:41
my boi Jason respect
2023-05-04 02:13:57
I love the movie
2022-10-09 00:27:24