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Leprechaun Returns - 2018

A group of unwitting sorority sisters accidentally awaken the serial-killing Leprechaun after they build a sorority house on his hunting grounds.


2023-04-06 11:36:40
😡 I Demand the return of the brain cells I lost watching this!!! 😡🤬
2023-09-16 13:31:34
Could have been an amazing remake scary in this year as it was in the 90s but they chose to film shit and put zero money to use. Worst part not even the same leprechaun and his laugh?!?!?!
2023-03-11 13:48:23
best movie ever
2023-04-18 22:25:10
could have been better could have been better than that shit
2023-07-27 01:01:09
this movie is shit I like the old movies better than this garbage
2023-07-29 13:47:14
best movie ever in my life.I'm a big fan of this movie I love all the movies that they have
2022-09-07 12:14:14
Iove horror movies
2023-03-23 10:41:21
this is the best movie ever