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Maria - 2019

When a former BlackRose cartel assassin betrays them refusing to complete the cartel orders her performance, her assignment. Unbeknownst to them, she is able to generate a life of her own and fakes her own death. The woman becomes the hunted because she fights to secure revenge for people that took her life After the cartel finds she is living.


2023-01-23 06:56:20
the majority of the movie is in another language. I can't make out what's going on. smh
2024-03-23 05:33:49
in real life bro you can't just leave a organization you worked for there are consequences like why and you betrayed them because you would not kill a kid bruh why just do your job wtf
2023-02-21 00:17:08
It's in both Tagalog and English. You can't have it in plain English.
2023-01-24 01:09:51
can I get the English version please