Maze Runner: The Death Cure free movies

Maze Runner: The Death Cure - 2018

Thomas leads his set of escaped Gladers on the final and most dangerous assignment yet. They must divide in to the mythical Town, '' a labyrinth that could possibly turn out to become the most deadly maze of all, to rescue their buddies. Anyone who makes it out alive can get responses to the questions that the Gladers have already been asking since they arrived at the maze.


2022-09-24 23:24:16
I ain't gonna lie newt was my favorite so when he died and at the end I cryed and I'm a dude it's like losing a homie you know 😭😭
2023-01-22 03:11:20
I love these movies but Teresa was kind of a bitch and I think Brenda and Thomas would have made a much better couple
2022-11-15 13:02:29
best movie I have probably ever seen I became so attached to everyone in it I just wish brenda and Thomas would have gotten together at the end 10 outa 10
2023-02-08 01:13:44
I'm sorry this might be wrong but I started laughing when Teresa "fell"
2022-11-12 14:15:54
I'm going to be crying for hours and hours sinc newt died😭😭😭😭😭😭
2023-03-07 02:50:35
omg newts note :( newt was my favorite character i was crying so hard when he died rip newt :( πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜•
2023-01-12 05:53:06
bro newt n chuck was definitely the saddest deaths
2024-05-02 08:45:40
the first thing is that I think Teresa could have jumped she was just being weird and then the second thing was it just me or did any of y'all think that Thomas was going to die