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Mega Ape - 2023

A genetically mutated ape escapes from a top secret facility and wreaks havoc in Hollywood.


2023-10-08 12:00:10
this is the worst low budget or probably no budget movie ever I can't finish it, I'm getting mad. also if you see Tom Sizemore name in opening credits that tells you right away that someone offered him 500 to show up for a few shitty is this even a boot leg film??¿?
2023-09-17 19:13:26
This is an insult to me and the whole horror flick community. F U for inticing me to waste 10 minutes of my life on this trash.
2023-09-19 10:30:01
them you have destroyed ur families names not even Biden could f it up that bad Mayne if u hire Hillary or Nancy as the ape next time you may get move than 1 person to watch the whole move and that 1 person loss his remote and has no legs or arms and is home alone
2023-09-19 10:26:19
you suck so bad there isn't a word that describes u we have have to come up with a word just for this movie like shiawfstudum. idk but something again give up find a new career dam just despicablely sad and embarrassing for you and your family and ancestors im sorry for
2023-12-21 22:20:33
This movie really sucks. It's terrible. A Who wrote such a bad script they should be thrown in jail for such work. this movie is a crime and they ripped the investors who paid for the script . They were Trumped out of their money. Mi Ling & Tom Sizemore had to be Hard-up for $$$
2023-09-19 10:23:06
wow wow wow that was ............ awsome!!!!! omg the ugly fate chick is so omg and the ape sooooo!! oh never mind wtf dude hope this is a joke cuz wasn't a movie I wat he'd 30 min and 28.33sec I skipped forward wtf give up on ur dream of making movies ..
2024-02-18 23:37:29
Wow! I've missed my calling. If ppl actually make $ on this kind of tripe I should be making Trump look broke because I could crap out much better than this on any drunken Saturday night. Skimmed right through in like 10 shameful seconds. Damn!
2023-09-16 09:51:43
this reminds me of a bad 70s college film it lame as fuck