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Mile 22 - 2018

At the very top group of operatives that are American, helped by a strategic command team, must transport an advantage who holds information to an extraction point 2-2 miles off throughout the hostile roads of an Asian city.


2023-06-10 08:47:42
Rhonda Rousey ain't no actor it's like when I c 50 cent in movies I just can't, they should stick what there known for. this movie is one hella of a good one though
2024-04-10 17:01:53
what a great movie best action ever thought i'd never see anything that best Bruce Lee but I have now just want more anyone one have suggestions ?
2023-12-25 16:23:55
Rhonda gets there, u suck 50's already there, besides that boy is one SMART mother u wish u made a nickel of what that man's made. Excellent flick
2023-06-16 22:08:08
didn't see that coming at the end at all good fucking movie guys I recommend anyone who likes suspense and action movies really good
2024-07-10 11:42:29
Can't believe how good this was. Action was top notch type shit and story had some surprises. Definitely recommended. Rating 8.2
2022-12-09 12:21:22
good movie
2024-02-29 13:53:22
can't believe mark walberg came out in this lame movie
2023-10-14 01:05:40
end of movie music of rap, musical garbage.