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Miss Bala - 2019

Gloria discovers an electrical she never knew she'd had when she's drawn into a dangerous environment of crime. Surviving will need all her cunning, inventiveness, and strength.


2023-01-29 04:29:35
normally I would say people are just not that dumb but hey this is what the 1% is doing dumbing people so they stay in control.
2023-08-13 06:14:13
I ain't going to lie the leader is cute I'll do him in a heartbeat and then he can kill me
2024-05-16 06:55:42
Can somebody tell me what the hell is up with?All these japanese or chinese cartoons are trying to shut down or throat
2023-08-17 11:50:46
very Awesome movie
2024-05-13 08:54:11
Gloria, forest Gump her way thru the whole situation. go girl
2023-12-03 22:35:32
damn good movie
2024-07-09 02:16:34
hell ya
2023-12-05 10:05:36
nice twist