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MR-9: Do or Die - 2023

Masud Rana is a Secret Agent with code name MR-9 of the Bangladesh Counter Intelligence Agency


2024-05-05 19:13:13
why would you be shirtless in the jungle?? didn't blouse his bottoms with BASIC AS FUCK jungle boots also. long sleeves with cuffs rolled up a little at the very least while in the jungle. but to be shirtless and not have back muscle definition to start out a movie?? c'mon now
2024-04-27 19:15:22
I usually leave good comments. But I'm very disappointed in this momichael. Jamal Whit's a great actor but he must have been desperate for money because this movie sucks Frank Greer. Is one of my favorite actors too.But wild guys, you must do a lot of money. To a sports shark [0
2024-05-05 19:17:42
no back muscle guy goes into a prisoner extraction mission with ZERO BODY ARMOR and his head towel wrapped. WHAT THE FUCK??!! I'm done with this movie. unsubscribing watch list
2024-05-20 07:03:04
The film producer did a fucked up job, you can tell that they acting the Visual effect and background sound, don't with the action and who they going to meet, I feel like the sound designer stole the sound affect somewhere else, and the actor fucked things up, you can tell that
2024-05-06 00:31:35
these fagots are everywhere especially all over Hollywood trying to pass of as real women.
2024-05-04 13:18:11
I am very disappointed with the movie mr9 do or die it's only showing a scramble picture on my TV and I would like to see this movie
2024-05-15 02:55:53
definitely a long time fan of Michael jai white, an Frank gorillo. sadly this wasn't that great. Gotta find ways to still fresh Film wise, even if they have to do a few Cheese πŸ§€ ball, Chop Sake flixs
2024-05-09 06:15:51
So Far So Good ,... This is my first 'Movie' with this 'app'.