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Ne Zha - 2019

The Primus extracts a Mixed Yuan Bead into a Spirit Seed and a Demon Pill. The Spirit Seed can be reincarnated as a human to help King Zhou establish a new dynasty, whereas the Demon Pill will create a devil threatening humanity. Ne Zha is the one who is destined to be the hero, but instead he becomes a devil incarnate, because the Spirit Seed and a Demon Pill are switched.


2023-12-31 08:21:12
ne zha and ao bing are like boyfriends to me how I see it and it's an adorable ship (I mean when ne zha in his older form)
2022-09-07 02:56:04
I love dis movie so much 🥰😍😢
2023-03-28 09:37:34
ao bing and nah zha like brothers
2022-11-07 06:58:54
2024-02-20 14:42:40
me gustó mucho estas palicula
2023-10-08 11:50:08
why did ao bing and nah zha remind me of ember and wade
2022-11-07 06:58:21
2022-11-07 06:59:39
noooooooooooooooooooooooooo na zhs