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Night Hunter - 2019

A police taskforce strikes an online predator, only to find that the depth of the offenses goes far.


2023-07-14 09:17:01
already off to a great start. ugh, we need a man like that. bait them and then castrate those sick fuckers. because the amount of jail time they get for pedophilias is absurd.
2024-01-24 08:33:37
f****** cops are a joke the only good mother f***** is the one that was castrating the freaks these f****** cops didn't never f****** clue there are f****** joke good movie but these m************ are a
2024-04-11 09:57:34
This is one of those movies that's predictable and not very suspenseful. But the performance and acting is amazing. It's definitely worth the watch.
2023-04-08 06:09:42
2022-11-13 03:11:50
7 out of 10
2023-04-12 17:07:04
2023-01-08 12:17:41