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Only Mine - 2019

Left and tormented for dead with a scorned lover, retaliate and a woman finds out the strength to recoup against her abuser.


2024-02-25 14:34:13
beating her so I grab him slam him to the ground started punching him he almost died but my ex stopped me and I told her to call the cops and she did but before they got there I asked my ex if she's ok now she said yes so the police arrive and arrest him now he's in jailfir15year
2024-02-25 14:32:17
and the guy who was hiting her is skinny so I get there and knock on the door yelling my ex's name so here boyfriend comes to the door I ask him is my Ashley ok he says yeah she's fine so I leave then I hear a noise I kick in the door to find my ex on the ground and her boyfriend
2024-02-25 14:30:23
he'll nah bruh this dude my ex was seeing was hitting her for a couple of months at least he didn't try to force himself on her but it got so bad that she needed help so she calls me and says help me but she can't talk loud cause he's in the house and I'm 6'7 250lb
2024-01-27 03:33:53
I love this movie
2023-03-31 19:21:31
Good movie