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Oppenheimer - 2023

The story of J. Robert Oppenheimer’s role in the development of the atomic bomb during World War II.


2023-07-25 16:41:14
for the people complaining about the movie being boring... this is what movies where before superhero and fantasy took over . A original story with a great idea ..this forces you to slow down and actually watch the movie ..no Easter eggs none of that bullshit
2023-07-23 11:39:14
I was thoroughly disappointed. The idea of the nuclear bomb 💣 was to stop 🛑 all wars of the future. It failed and now it's in the hands of every nerotic, power hungry country. Beware it's about to come back and bite us in the Ass!!! It's a war no living being will win!!
2023-11-12 09:44:37
Spectacular! Anyone talking negative about this movie is a dopey teeny bopper who only likes movies full of tranny fags or woke diversity casts. This movie is our history and the struggle Oppenheimer went through creating a weapon that will one day kill us all.
2023-07-23 04:33:26
as always the government takes credit for others work and get rid of them so they won't talk... my father and grandpa served this country I wanted to follow in their footsteps my dad would not let me join.. this man was guilty by association
2023-07-24 13:28:59
Despite it being low quality from being recorded by a camera, I still feel it fit the movie quite well. I definitely will be seeing this in theaters when I'm able to and I do reccomend it, despite what others might say. I was left speechless when trinity happened.
2023-11-11 10:33:03
Does anyone know what this movie was about, not the Bomb or the so called railroad of a man that was asked to make a Bomb,buy a not surprising government that wants to label him a traitor after the test and two DROPS on Japan. I could not imagine how he felt towards life after
2023-11-25 06:16:14
Those who complain the movie is boring are definitely not in the intellectual capacity bracket for it. Go back to watching X-Men and leave the intellect department to those who actually use their brains for more than just going with a trend
2023-08-24 09:13:41
Well that's the government for you in trying to help out and in the end try to blame everything on you so their hands won't be stain in blood for the blame. Good ol America..