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Paradise Highway - 2022



2022-08-11 09:54:50
Movie starts off a little slow, however slowly builds momentum. If you are after a movie that has mystery, drama and suspense then this is one for you. Plot twist or two at the end and good to see Morgan be Morgan ?
2022-08-18 10:19:28
OMG I loved this movie a all said a done it was bittersweet fantastic
2022-08-11 09:54:50
Yes freeman it's still strong an a amazing actor
2022-08-03 16:05:23
Freeman is one of my favorite actors, his work always worth watching.
2024-03-20 04:07:06
One of the most beautiful stories I've ever seen will never forget a how God bounded two strangers together.
2022-08-11 09:54:50
This is how you make a strong woman movie without making it woke Good Job !
2022-08-11 09:54:50
Que filme um filme digno de osca muito muito maravilhoso excelente filme
2022-08-11 09:54:50
This looks really good... A unique telling of similar type plots...