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Rabid - 2019

When a young woman is left beyond recognition following an crash, she experiences a radical un-tested therapy. And while the process turns her to the belle of the ball, the experimental transformation comes at a high cost...


2023-09-13 22:13:47
Wow that damn doctor is nuts. He seasoned up ole Brad to make him a nice tasty meal. This was a bomb ass movie. Needs a part 2.
2022-11-23 03:12:01
oh my God this movie is fucking painful I thought it was going to be about rabies or airborne rabie-viruses. still a great movie
2024-05-14 04:58:03
did you know that this is a remake? the original one came out in 1977, it's just as awesome as this movie for sure! lots of blood & gore just like this movie! it's one of those movies you can't get enough of for sure! I saw it before on Tubi, that was before I got this app![
2024-05-14 03:18:45
this is a awesome movie for sure, I love this movie so much! my favorite part is when the lead actor takes a huge chunk of flesh from the new actor's face! I love blood & gore, & this movie delivers it for sure! it's one of those movies you can't get enough of![050
2024-05-14 04:24:17
the doctor is insane for sure thinking he is God & saying that God doesn't exist! he needs to be in the nut house for sure! what a very psychotic man he is!
2024-05-14 05:01:11
I love this app, I watch it every day for sure! it has great movies & tv shows on this app!
2023-12-01 12:30:19
This movie went from slow and mysterious to BAM!! WTF JUST HAPPENED?!
2024-05-23 20:55:12
this is the remake check out the original