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Rambo: Last Blood - 2019

After John Rambo's niece travels into Mexico to locate she discovers herself at the grasps of Calle sex traffickers. When she does not return home as expected, John learns she's swept up into Mexico and sets out to get her back and then also make them cover off.


2023-02-21 12:58:47
I love every movie that he plays nothing but the best within u gonna receive each and every time and turn just pure perfection💯💯💯💯
2023-01-01 20:52:41
she don't deserve to die but she should listen 👂 to her elders but actually its is the best movie
2022-11-27 11:07:57
fuck i love it when Sylvester Stallone gets all savage
2023-03-28 10:21:10
That's because he didn't know what narcane was for probably And that's it's Emily anyway If you should have died you should have survive I love it anyway
2024-03-28 20:30:58
Rambo needs to do this to those illegal terrorists that crossed the United States border raiding and killing innocent Americans.
2024-02-06 08:40:29
this a very good pease of art all I can say is welcome home to all the Vietnam vets make that all vets they have served for the United States services thank you for putting your life's on the line so me and my family can live free
2023-01-15 10:46:41
why didn't he bring some narcane when he went for the girl???
2024-04-06 11:14:28
Another example of youth being hard headed and determined to find answers that are not always beneficial to their well-being! As always rock solid action that only Rambo bring to the party!