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Redcon-1 - 2018

After a zombie apocalypse spreads out of a London prison, then the UK is brought to the knees. The spread of the virus is temporarily included but, with out a fix, it's only a question of time before it breaks its boundaries and the greatest problem of all... any zombies with combat skills have become enhanced. With all the South East of England quarantined from other world utilizing fortified borders, intelligence finds that the scientist is alive and well . With his retrieval being the only hope of a cure, a group of eight Special Forces troops will be delivered on a suicide mission into the town, today ruled by the undead, with one task: catch out him alive within 72 hours with no means necessary. What emerges is an improbable pairing on a course to conserve humankind against chances.


2024-02-03 02:35:51
I don't know. Zombies doing drugs, have sex, looting properties.
2023-02-08 13:18:57
this is a very great movie Good job on the actors