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Running with the Devil - 2019

A pioneer of a drug cartel sends his 2 roughest henchmen to investigate there was a shipment botched.


2023-08-08 11:49:54
Nick Cage is one of my favorite actors!! i ALWAYS ALWAYS root for him, no matter what... (unless you've seen renfield, it SUCKED), but I was like DAYUMMMMM when he asks, "What's that for? Are you gonna arrest me?" she's like, "No, POP POP POP!" AWESOME ENDING!
2024-05-08 12:25:27
Nicholas cage and Laurence Fishburne.Do such a great job in this movie?Lots of action lots of suspense.The plot is incredible. This is definitely watched must film
2023-07-08 10:54:19
it's insanely ridiculous how much the amount changes with every step that takes makes sense why so many people end up selling drugs frfr!!!!
2023-03-15 12:36:41
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2022-12-28 20:27:46
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2023-06-03 01:58:47
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2023-03-03 14:46:40