Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom free movies

Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom - 1975

Nine teenage boys and girls are kidnapped by four perverted fascist libertines for 120 days of sexual, physical, and mental abuse.


2023-12-28 17:54:17
this world is coming to an end. it has to be cleansed from all this blasphemy because this wasn't a movie at all it was a straight in our faces plain sight.. Satan was the main character either the rotten mouth one or cross eyed one. no was acting or practice from a script .
2023-12-28 17:26:58
and I thought the human centipede movie was unfathomable.. what has become a living HELL. Satan made this movie himself..he has exposed himself. do not take my post lightly and the entire cast were Satan's willing followers..and trust this it wasn't fiction it was live.
2023-12-17 07:26:58
ya stupid dumb f***** up movie ever I give it a no 5 star rating so stupid and dumb and boring as f*** and stupid stupid stupid stupid dumbass movie simply gross and quite disgusting
2023-12-30 13:20:27
i pray to God that didn't really happened one should go through that satanic so very evil B.S. i freakin skipped forward almost to the end and see if they got saved and killed those groups of sadistic perverts. this is the most disgusting movie i ever saw ..grrrr .
2023-12-28 10:58:40
whoever had the idea to make this f****** movie need to be hung from a tree and all the ones that play in need to be hung from the tree right with them 🤬🤬🤬🤬
2023-12-28 18:38:05
this live ritual performed before our very eyes was the ease Eve's names and existence..Adam and Steve together in the end had a toast of margarita . utterly, profoundly .. Satan has escaped from hell what we just watched is self explanatory.. I now have to pray my eyes clean
2023-12-29 07:45:54
simce its labled as history does that mean this is portraying actual events. this is beyond disturbing. I guess tho if you look up Balenciaga and Gucci and all that it all makes sense since they are making ads now about killing children and toddlers and all that creepy things.
2024-01-07 00:11:47
All I can say is, Italian actors in the 1970s must have been sadly desperate or sick in the head to participate in this waste of film. Anyone that could actually watch and enjoy this crap needs to seek help immediately.