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Scariest Monsters in America - 2022



2023-07-20 10:42:11
I have heard the la lorona once when I was 15 just out side our house window crying, but she sounded like a baby crying. It lasted for about 3, and 1/2 hours. I was to scared to move or run to my mom's room. Still to this day if I hear a baby crying at nigt I freak out.
2023-06-24 10:36:33
I love watching this kind of shit! . just too cool to know that we are not alone in the woods.
2022-09-17 21:21:10
the black eyed chicken are the scariest to me they take your immune system or your health and keep it so they can live forever ♾️ I believe
2022-09-17 21:16:35
that's a huge octopus 🐙 no thanks 😊
2022-09-07 07:22:51
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