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Searching - 2018

After the 16-year-old daughter of David Kim goes missing, a neighborhood investigation is opened and also a detective is assigned to the situation. But 3-7 hours without one lead, David decides to search now, where all secrets are kept, the one place no one has looked yet .


2022-09-27 10:48:22
i cried multiple times what an amazing movie.
2022-09-01 03:23:44
that what a dad does for his child
2024-03-11 12:58:49
the police woman framed?! that's something I didn't see coming
2023-03-27 04:15:53
the movie called missing with Nia long is a spin-off this
2022-11-22 07:51:20
this was an incredible movie that ended the right way
2023-01-19 13:27:05
so many twists and turns but still a pretty good one
2023-08-06 23:14:14
I found this movie after I watched missing
2023-01-16 04:55:35
i Love this movie