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Set It Off - 1996

Four ladies, all people who have suffered for lack of dollars and at the control of this majority, tackle to rob banks. While initially successful, a policeman who was involved in shooting at one of the brothers of those women is on their course. As the loot is added to by the ladies, their feelings of every other increase along the way and their interests and tastes start to change.


2023-11-18 07:57:48
this always been my joint....each of em going thru struggles that most will never understand... and Cleo went out like a champ...she knew she was goin away for a long time...she rather die than go back. That sh*t always got me like 🥺😢😭 I can watch this again n again
2022-11-07 08:17:03
I'm a 80'$ baby grew up in 90'$ best times and movies ever
2023-08-16 05:02:28
this is a d*** good movie all the way around! Great casting and acting. Never be another one like this ever again
2023-03-06 07:32:34
it's parts I never seen in this movie and I saw it alot and it's added parts in here I never seen
2023-05-30 11:03:46
this movie make me cry freaking Christ so much I love this is10/1000
2023-05-19 11:38:49
One Of The Best Movies From Our Black Stars In Hollywood 90s Forever 🍿🎥
2022-11-27 18:10:33
I like cleo in this movie she's my bast girl
2023-01-30 11:15:20
definitely my fave movie since I was little im a 90s baby