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She Came From The Woods - 2023

In 1987, a group of counselors accidentally unleash a decades' old evil on the last night of summer camp.


2023-02-14 23:58:20
funny, good movie, campy teen horror has to be your kind of movie.
2023-03-30 11:23:52
Overall it was a good movie. Lil on the funny side lol. some of the actor need 2 go back 2 acting school but other then dat it was good. I'll give it 3/5
2023-03-15 08:02:41
Star trek Star trek oh my God oh my God oh my God oh my God oh my God oh my God oh my God oh my God
2023-02-21 00:30:31
👎🏿⚠️another freaking bootlegged version of the movie so don't waste your time!!
2023-09-14 19:25:20
I like to give my ratings for any movies I watch and this movie is pretty good for the most part but I would give this a 6 out of 10 tho
2023-02-15 12:44:04
can anyone say "over acting "!!
2023-07-23 16:05:32
don't waste your time watching this 9 mabe 10 yr old scary movie cause it sucked ass
2023-02-16 16:38:39
where is the fucking whale