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Spenser Confidential - 2020

Spenser, a former Boston patrolman who just got out from prison, teams up with Hawk, an aspiring fighter, to unravel the truth behind the death of two police officers.


2023-03-13 03:11:53
did they make you engage in ass play Henry hawk is the name of a guy with a shotgun Spencer does your taxes love this movie
2023-07-19 07:29:51
Spencer is about a lawnmower,LETTING PPEPS KNOW ,like names from digi n india law makers US TOO blame a native for being a terriost,n the cops use OTHER HUMANS too say they🗄️helping kids from them speeding out the world as one
2023-01-05 16:17:32
it certainly was a different Spencer that's for sure ,, good movie and even a couple of laughs too
2024-01-22 21:16:35
better than Robert urich but then again maybe I'm a little biased I think marky Mark from the funky bunch is a pretty good actor and you got to love the next Black panther
2022-12-08 07:15:19
love this movie and Mark Wahlberg
2024-04-06 14:17:41
I enjoy all the movies Mark makes he does know how to act and he does his part well I also like every costar playing in the movies he made they all do their part and I enjoyed every bit of this movie much love and respect for Mark
2023-07-27 23:41:53
love this movie
2024-02-19 14:41:51
I give it an 8 out of 10