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Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verseโ€‚-โ€‚2023

The continuing story of Miles Morales and the many other Spider-People from different realities.


2023-06-02 15:44:56
The time has come to an end Yeah -- this is what nature planned Being tracked by a starving beast Looking for its daily feast A predator on the verge of death Close to its last breath Getting close to its last breath (Rules of Nature) And they run when the sun comes up With t
2023-06-03 01:47:51
dude I want to see what happens next I don't know what I'm waiting until 5 more years I want to see if Miles Morales is the prowler or Spider-Man and see if he can go to his his correct universe and get out the wrong universe and defeat the whole guy
2023-06-02 18:29:26
u can hear the person that's recording eating and freaking slurping and it's kinda aggravating
2023-06-03 12:04:25
YO! This movie definitely took me across the Spiderverse, but the trip was stopped short with that suspenseful ending. Just like a real comic book. Now I'm disappointed that I have to wait for the next installment.
2023-06-12 04:08:40
I just wash it it's great the best Spider-Man movie ever
2023-06-03 07:14:55
I get I got the movie for free, but I swear to God. man eats like a cow and I swear to GOD I heard him put down his box of candy and pick it back up 2 seconds later. like dude...
2023-06-11 15:27:03
so... there's a black Spider Woman now?.. okay that's new LMFAO but totally not surprised at all pretty sure there's going to be a transgender Spider man or woman in here somewhere with rainbow hair and their webbing is going to be rainbow colored but they shoot it up their butt
2023-06-03 04:57:48
the movie is good but its such a cliff hanger it may take a year for even the next spider man to come out lowkey bullshit they did us like they