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Tall Girl - 2019

Jodi, the girl in her senior high school, has consistently felt uncomfortable in her skin. However, after years of averting attention in any way costs, being made fun of, and slouching, Jodi finally determines to locate the confidence to stay tall.


2024-04-30 09:14:12
you now Jodi well guess what he was in dance moms but I believe never liked her because I was talking to you
2023-01-30 08:57:25
the girl who starts naming artist she looks like the girl who plays Alexa and Katie
2023-06-07 00:04:28
this is such a great and meaningful movie to me
2023-03-17 12:14:37
tall girl Was amazing
2023-07-12 02:16:30
I love this movie
2023-06-17 04:16:48
Girly just gotta join a bball team
2023-05-12 22:52:28
such a good movie
2023-06-17 04:45:47
She's reading Frankenstein on the toilet 😭🖐