The Addams Family free movies

The Addams Family - 2019

Whenever they face-off against a treacherous, covetous crafty host whilst also preparing to get his or her family to reach for a major 32, the Addams family members begin to unravel.


2022-11-29 06:59:54
anyone else watching Halloween movies during Christmastime?
2022-09-12 19:18:00
i love this app and all the movies I love are here and new ones
2022-10-01 13:54:44
same here I'm a major movie buff and tv show buff
2022-12-03 01:43:08
yes app is wonderful. I'm able to see movies they want me or anyone have to pay for
2022-11-08 11:40:46
I love this movie and this app is amazing!:)
2022-12-25 08:06:02
Wednesday is built like a spoon who Agrees with me
2022-12-03 10:25:20
"put the lime in the coconut and drink them all up" ... the priest jetted outta there
2023-05-08 05:06:29
the guy in the background like what Wednesday said about her teacher putting her underwear in the freezer