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The Avengers - 2012

As soon as an urgent enemy emerges and threatens global safety and security, Nick Fury, manager of the international peacekeeping bureau called S.H.I.E.L.D., finds himself looking for a team to pull the world back from the edge of crisis. A recruitment effort begins!


2023-06-16 10:38:38
It's doesn't matter what David Banner is wearing. Everytime he turns into the Hulk is pants are purple 💜. Even in the 70s show and the 2 movies before this one. I just thought it was funny.
2023-02-05 11:08:12
love this film I miss u ironman 😘 why did u die in end game 😭😭
2023-11-05 10:48:33
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2023-04-25 06:26:48
I thought Nat was a badass till I saw Black Widow. Her little sister in that movie is better than her in that movie I think. She's still a badass but check out her sister in that movie. 135:50 I think is the Pose.
2023-08-05 04:24:51
did y'all here what cap said? "ur not the type of guy to make a sacrifice" to Tony Stark few years later........ saved humanity by sacrificing himself
2023-04-01 10:38:45
I am hearing impaired and would benefit greatly from subtitles. I cannot follow the action otherwise.
2023-04-03 15:54:11
hulk just punching Thor is the funniest thing I ever seen
2023-11-10 05:50:24
that one cop when asking why he should take orders from cap was like "yes. that's a great reason I need men in those buildings." hahah I love this fucking movie