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The Baker - 2023

A quiet, stoic man, lives a monk-like existence in self-imposed exile. When his estranged son is killed in a drug deal gone bad, he is left to look after a granddaughter he never knew existed, and he is forced back into a life he tried to put behind him.


2023-08-24 00:55:26
Good movie but kids who don't listen are annoying.. Kids who don't listen and endanger themselves and others are beyond aggravating.. Made the movie hard to watch and would've been way better if it didn't revolve around the ignorance of a silly stubborn child.
2023-11-14 12:30:12
Great movie. I really thought that I wasn't going to like it that much. I kept avoiding watching it, but it turned out good. The only thing was that the little girl never listened.. She almost got the grandfather and herself killed multiple times.. Smh!! If my daughter did that s
2023-11-25 11:31:55
I almost gave up 🤦🏼‍♀️ very slow to finally get good! towards the end it was a good movie just took forever to get there,they could have done much more with this ❤️
2023-11-27 09:50:47
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2023-08-07 06:38:13
2023-08-05 23:51:01
great movie the rating don't do it Justice
2023-08-13 07:19:49
great movie want to watch again not video (camcorder)
2023-11-27 11:39:33
I thought so too she endangered his life and her life but I think the actor Ron perlman did a good job all in all a pretty good movies started out slow but ended up strong