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The Blackwell Ghost - 2017

A filmmaker tries to prove that ghosts are real but soon regrets his intentions after he finds himself being terrorized in a haunted house by a ghost with a dark past. An authentic documentary that shows actual ghost footage that was captured on camera.


2024-01-22 02:55:46
I feel like if the wife didn't want to be there she should have stayed home. just being rude 😒😒
2024-01-20 19:52:19
I have special abilities, while he was going down stairs all I can hear is "we want you down here"
2023-03-18 12:30:06
love all the Blackwell ghost movies!!
2024-06-02 22:29:51
Pretty good but he should've told her what he found out
2024-05-23 22:37:54
hats the cops going to do arrest a ghost
2024-03-06 14:29:32
wire suppose be on her HUSBAND SIDE
2023-08-02 07:20:07
first time watching