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The Boogeyman - 2023

Still reeling from the tragic death of their mother, a teenage girl and her younger sister find themselves plagued by a sadistic presence in their house and struggle to get their grieving father to pay attention before it’s too late.


2023-06-06 04:49:03
ok,it was alright. I am a certified Horror Fanatic and this movie was given to much Hype. For Boogeyman movie, it did not live up to the expectations given by previews. Its watchable but not really scary.😐🤨
2023-06-13 07:45:50
Actually everyone has their personal opinion so what, who cares, some good some bad, The fact is we all are here because it's free, if you don't like what you see, pay for better, why complain about quality when someone else is doing something you're not
2023-06-07 21:38:50
Need real scary movies.. why don't you directors make movies more like the first movie and stop making things different.. maybe people will actually like it.. few jump scares but more trash!!!
2023-06-15 01:29:33
this girl is so dumb why do white people always walk towards scary shit in every scary movie never fails lol us Ricans we see shit that shouldnt be an we out no bad juju for us
2023-06-07 13:04:04
I always watch certain horror movies and think what if it was real and if I think in real life that I'll be shook then it was good conjuring is great but I don't fear none of that ghost and demon shit in real life so this was great considering that
2023-06-08 03:14:43
wat to much hype for this movie and the film was ass..I fell asleep for about 45 minutes so what does that tell you.. BORING....I seen better monsters on Scooby-Doo.
2023-06-09 04:54:56
my husband and I love this movie 🎥 keep up the great job we just want to know 1 thing when is the next movie 🎥🍿 coming out
2023-06-07 23:27:22
probably the shittiest cam recording I've seen yet on the app ... very disappointed..