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The Dark Knight - 2008

The stakes are raised by Bat man . With the help of Lt. Jim Gordon and District Attorney Harvey Dent, Batman sets out to dismantle the remaining criminal associations that irritate the roads. The partnership proves to work, however they soon are prey to a reign of insanity unleashed by an increasing criminal mastermind known to the citizens of Gotham since the Joker.


2022-11-19 15:25:07
I fucking love joker period love this movie only cuz of joker
2023-07-16 05:06:15
Well I guess I'm old school. I think the best Batman was Michael Keaton. And the best Harvey (Two-faced) was Jack Nicholson. The best Joker of course was Heath Ledger. These newer Batman's are good but I really liked the First one the best. . RIP Heath Ledger. [050
2023-10-18 14:45:18
this is by a wide margin one of the greatest movies ever made, great acting action is none stop an way the actors play of each other is like no other rip to the best joker to ever wear the make up bar none
2023-09-05 20:48:43
without a doubt the best bat man movie made!! That joker can NEVER be repeated. the new Leto joker is pathetic compared to this one... gold bling and jewelry is NOT the joker.. dynamite and gasoline is all the real joker needs
2022-11-29 14:05:31
someone please help there is a lasagna in my ass
2023-04-20 23:17:37
The Dark Knight is for Heath Ledger what The Crow was for Brandon Lee. R.I.P. Heath.
2022-12-22 09:51:00
I love the psychology of the batman and the joker at the same time . Bale and Ledger pulled this off perfectly !
2023-04-09 08:32:48
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