The Death and Return of Superman free movies

The Death and Return of Superman - 2019

The Death of Superman and Reign of the Supermen presented within an over two-hour unabridged and eloquent animated feature. Witness the conflict between the Justice League and an alien force known just as Doomsday that just Superman can finish and can forever alter the surface of Metropolis.


2022-10-14 04:39:49
The opening shows Intergang getting their butts kicked even though they had Apocalyptician armour.
2022-12-24 08:44:08
so good.... Lois actual became useful to the plot. Just shows you anyone can be a hero
2023-05-07 21:55:55
ok. well I. dont. no. wat. to. say. right. now. but. rest. is. far. as. good👍
2023-08-21 00:57:43
i hate how they always depower Superman
2022-10-05 12:05:04
2023-02-05 23:41:27
my brother superman turns into goku
2023-07-26 11:44:56
Why did I cry when he killed superman ? lol
2023-04-09 06:08:26
my month is not up yet
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