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The Farm - 2018

A new couple gets kidnapped and treated just like farm animals later stopping to consume beef.


2023-10-03 14:41:21
finding yourself in situations like this you have no one to blame but yourself it's either kill or be killed without remorse!! #💯💯
2023-08-25 04:25:17
I can't believe how dumb they were they could of put on a mask on any time or knock a bitch out and take they're clothes and mask
2024-02-12 12:18:02
anybody else notice he didn't hook up the jumper cables to his car? And at the diner they didn't pay they just got up and left
2023-03-11 08:00:01
I try to watch the movie and it just cuts off it will not cast
2023-07-31 07:37:55
is there a part 2
2023-07-08 05:44:20
iam just watching the movie it worked for me
2024-03-04 06:28:27
ain't nothing in their cups either so obvious
2024-02-15 00:00:50
they wanna eat my meat if.u get me