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The Good Liar - 2019

A aging con artist can't believe his luck when he marks her and meets with a widow. However she adopts a secret of her own.


2022-11-03 02:25:38
Outstanding movie. Both actors were excellent and the storyline was bangin'. Teaches you the methodical way to get revenge - step by step. But remember "revenge is a dish best served cold". Or - revenge is mine saith the Lord. Anyway I give this movie an "11" ‼️
2024-05-15 03:22:11
Betty sure did get her revenge on Roy for sure, she waited many years to do it! I love that about this movie for sure! the actress & actor are awesome in this movie for sure! this is one of my favorite movies, I watch it a lot it's that great! I never grow tired of this movie!💯
2023-12-03 05:42:46
Yeah I really love this movie, the way she gets him back for all the pain and heart ache he caused her and her family!
2022-09-18 21:43:42
Excellent Revenge Movie - knew something was Coming and Payback was Done Magnificently!!!!! Helen Mirren was Outstanding!!!!
2023-11-20 11:48:33
that movie is one of the best movies I have ever seen!
2024-03-30 08:01:00
like I said before you can't get enough of this movie it's so awesome, I love this movie so much!
2024-01-06 10:20:38
I love this movie, she definitely got her revenge on him!
2024-02-12 06:43:37
It is one of those movies you can't get enough of l!