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The Grudge - 2020

After a young mother murders her family in her own house, a detective attempts to investigate the mysterious case, only to discover that the house is cursed by a vengeful ghost. Now targeted by the demonic spirits, the detective must do anything to protect herself and her family from harm.


2023-06-15 12:37:11
I saw this when it first came out. It looks like the curse followed someone to America 🇺🇸
2023-09-21 09:03:10
okay so, this a a reboot of the 2004 film and 2006 film so the story lines of those two movies are a little different in this one, as you could tell from the beginning.
2023-07-31 12:10:59
is this a remake of the first one or the last one in the series... It's confusing...
2023-08-16 22:00:19
wait wait I didn't even know they had all of those parts to this movie, I never saw part 2 or 3 I just thought they had part 1 and this one.
2023-03-16 08:20:50
she been dead before she even crashed it look like the whole bottom of her Jaws dislocated and then she crashed and burned up
2023-06-24 18:34:09
Super Scary Big Fan know that's a horror Movie Awesome?
2023-12-04 21:21:25
I still enjoy watching the original Grudge and Ju-On. This movie remake is good for those that don't like too much scary content. I enjoyed watching it
2023-07-31 12:19:53
ok, last movie of series, very Good Movie