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The Happytime Murders - 2018

In a world where humans and puppets live together, once the members of this cast of a children's television series aired through the 1990s start to get murdered one by one, puppet Phil Philips, a former LAPD detective who fell in disgrace and turned into a private eyeand takes in the case at the request of his old boss to be able to assist detective Edwards, that had been his partner in the past.


2023-03-13 11:05:12
this is on netflix???Netflix???? funny ass shit
2023-03-06 15:48:39
too funny Henson definitely runs in the family
2023-08-13 05:11:03
We need MORE movies like this!! 🤣🤣🏆🔥🔥😝😜
2023-05-16 12:47:39
l liked that show had me laughing
2024-05-15 05:37:45
some shit you just can't comment on.Well I have to this shit is hilarious!! Melissa at her best funny as hell
2023-10-28 06:31:00
Definitely not a kids movie. but, I like this movie anyway.
2023-05-01 05:04:48
50cent part got damn
2024-03-07 17:24:26
It wrong . definitely not for kids. Make me don't want to watch Muppet no more