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The Head Hunter - 2019

On the outskirts of a kingdom, even a silent but fierce medieval warrior protects the kingdom from the occult and monsters. His collection of heads is missing just one - the monster that killed his daughter years back. Inspired by a thirst for revenge, wild expanses travel . When his chance arrives, it's in a sense far more dreadful than he imagined.


2023-01-29 09:45:47
At first I was going to give up on the movie. slowest paced movie I have ever seen, like watching a documentary of mud being returned to dirt. Halfway in, you are ready to rip that shudder off the cabin! Slow, boring and a waste of time to watch...👎
2022-12-03 06:58:19
couldn't get into it to slow of a start
2023-06-28 12:23:44
Slow start makes you want to see it through.
2022-09-15 20:14:09
Rob Zombie's a thousand Corps
2023-01-07 17:45:04