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The Innocents - 2021



2024-01-28 05:29:47
Not in English??? All these comments and noone mentioned that. No subtitles either WTH👎🏾
2024-05-06 00:03:36
This was an EXCELLENT movie, and the dislikes are from these weirdos demanding every movie on this app be in English. They are uneducated and ignorant, and they are missing out on some of the best movies ever made.
2024-04-12 11:57:45
i feel so bad for that cat these foolish children killing each other and using there powers for bad things
2024-03-07 12:45:28
We speak English people
2024-03-01 10:44:15
I wish they'd stop putting fucking movies on here in other languages
2023-02-13 04:44:14
so wonderful and amazing
2023-06-12 00:42:02
I'm in trying to find this movie and finally I found it
2024-03-03 09:16:58
unbelievable ..I'm so glad I never had kids!!!