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The Intent 2: The Come Up - 2018

Before the T.I.C and the Clappers team were all formed, the members functioned for a ruthless Yardie boss, Beverly. One of those boys has ambitions to install on his own. He also does not have any money, his car keeps getting towed away, every movement he gets to find cash and lift himself out of their struggle is unsuccessful. About placing the foundations for their organised crime ring, inspired by his own girl friend, Selene he lays. Matters are going well until he is detained and his ambition is discovered by Beverley. An ill-fated intruder following a stint in jail and also a visit to Jamaica rips the team apart. All their actions have been monitored by an undercover police officer who goes by the street name'Gunz','' who has been set up by the Met Police to ingratiate himself. With exactly the exact self indulgent, humour and activity sequences because its' predecessor,'THE UP' promises to check out'THE INTENT' .