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The Irishman - 2019

World War II veteran and mob hitman Frank"The Irishman" Sheeran recalls his possible involvement with the slaying of union leader Jimmy Hoffa.


2023-01-22 11:07:33
using George Lucas's technology from Star wars these guys never had to go through too much makeup they used the computer to change their age and their looks. it's amazing of the technology they use now to make movies
2022-10-29 21:34:29
Just finished watching "Kill the Irishman" That fil. is a Movie Classic!!! 5 stars... Let's see if a good,great,fantastic, or Superb job was done on this remarkable remake of a Classic!
2022-12-25 16:43:14
I try watching this I just can't watch that piece of shit Robert De Niro anymore
2023-07-21 20:02:06
I don't know why they couldn't have just kept the book title for the title of this film because because "I heard u paint houses" is by fare the greatest title for a crime story that's ever been written!!!! *The Irishman* is too simple for a masterpiece like this
2022-10-16 05:17:25
2022-12-12 15:43:23
classic movie
2023-06-12 08:19:12
how to beat a dead horse 101 hire actors to do the same type of movie way past their time
2022-10-29 09:13:34
I love this movie it has all the best mobster