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The Little Mermaid - 2018

His niece and A young reporter locate a lovely and enchanting creature they considered to be the mermaid that is real.


2022-09-26 11:18:13
people looking at this movie all y'all see is color I'm black but it don't matter what color she is this is for our kids. people need to grow the fuck up
2022-10-13 14:48:34
you people in these comments got me laughing...imma just be 100% if you don't like the black version then your just racist. I personally don't care what color she is but I love seeing black Kings and Queens. y'all trynna say stuff about tiana like...she was meant to be black.[007
2023-05-07 00:35:28
yo I swear this crowd is the most dumbest naive people I've ever heard. I'm black and I don't even like black little mermaid somethings are better left the way they are. like us black folks didn't like when white folks played pharaohs, not everything is racistyah fools
2022-09-27 00:27:52
who's life is so shallow,they miss the joy of this movie.Black white or purple, the actress is very talented. nicely done.
2023-05-20 01:10:08
I love little mermaid I'm white I love that for a change a black woman is a princess for a change!! all women and girls deserve to be princesses regardless of colour or culture racism is soooo out dated people need to chill and love stamp out hate!,,
2022-10-12 01:03:07
the reason Tiana cannot be white is because it won't make sense with her storyline Ariel being black has nothing to do with the little mermaid storyline but if they change Tiana to be White the movie would not make sense
2022-10-01 07:21:57
I like the black one better i want to see the black one I wish that every πŸ‘Έ was black the only black πŸ‘Έ that we have is Tiana
2022-09-24 13:41:10
I think she's beautiful. black or white. doesn't matter