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The More You Ignore Me - 2018

Based on Jo Brand's critically acclaimed novel of the same name, The More You Ignore Me is a more warm, humor drama concentrating on the life span of an unconventional family in 1980s rural England. The film focuses on Gina, a mother, whose efforts to be a loving mother and wife are undermined by her diminishing mental wellness. Once she develops an obsession with all the weatherman, which contributes to an entrance to the nearby psychiatric hospital things deteriorate. Through the years, as she develops , her daughter Alice struggles to relate solely to her treated mum, and induces chaos when she includes a strategy to reconnect with her, and which divides the household for ever and leads to a climax. Establish The Smiths' music, The More You Ignore Me supplies a insight in to life through this household , whilst addressing mental health difficulties and their impact on the family.