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The Princess Diaries - 2001

A socially embarrassing but very glowing girl being raised by one mom discovers that she's the princess of a tiny European country because of the recent passing of her daddy, who, unknown to her, has been the crown prince of Genovia. She must make a choice between continuing the life of a bay area adolescent or stepping to the throne.


2023-09-26 14:31:23
I love this movie... but one thing has always bothered me! Why does Michael get to be angry or hurt? On the day Mia was outted as royalty he asks her to hang out yes... but she specifically asked him if it was a date and he said no!
2023-07-02 07:19:20
I downloaded it to watch and it just keeps glitching and won't play 😡
2023-03-17 10:07:55
very very Good movie I love it
2023-09-30 19:04:08
they took out the part where mia was turned into a moose with antlers
2023-06-17 08:36:41
love this movie
2023-06-19 10:41:02
lol the cat-
2023-10-15 13:49:47
the movie was so cool
2023-09-21 05:50:17
love this movie