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The Replacements - 2000

Maverick Oldguard trainer Jimmy McGinty is hired in the aftermath of a players' attack to help the Washington Sentinels progress. But that difficult dream hinges on whether his replacements may hunker down and do this job. Therefore, McGinty dusts his secret dossier of ex-players who never got the opportunity (or dragged up the main one that they were awarded ) and knits together a bad-dream team of guys who only can provide the Sentinels their name taken.


2023-01-25 07:28:27
I love this movie I'll never stop watching it as many times as I do a monthly 6 7 times it's a great movie and it's a funny movie too thanks appreciate it for the app
2022-10-05 06:20:06
I just really like this movie and I don't like football
2023-07-18 08:44:59
really bad ass movie here
2024-03-13 10:28:22
one of my favorite movies
2022-10-06 06:30:06
this is my favorite movie
2023-03-24 06:37:08
2023-03-24 06:31:02
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