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The Seeding - 2024

When a hiker gets lost in the desert, a gang of feral children propelled by haunting legacies traps him in a sadistic battle for survival with a frightening endgame.


2024-02-04 12:47:07
if you enjoy wasting 3 hours of your life watching a movie that is absolutely atrociously filmed and has no plot storyline or point enjoy this movie you will. whoever decided make this pile of crap should definitely kill themselves it'll be more entertaining
2024-01-30 16:27:35
It WASN'T Scary to me..It may be to other's..That are Not used to ULTRA Violent Stuff.. Like what the What NEW French Extreme& Other Foreign Cinemas Are Making..But "The Seeding"is OK..But Predictable.. It's Just Not a Scary Flick in my Book..
2024-02-02 18:46:47
You know I'm noticing that ALL these new movies are about the world being different or people acting different. The messages are right in front of our face🤔
2024-01-29 14:34:31
oh wow first to comment can't believe it this is a great movie if you like scary movies this one's for you
2024-02-08 01:36:32
Why would you follow a kid that says he's lost into a cave ! doesn't he know that this is the beginning of every horror movie.
2024-02-08 10:52:26
did you ever watch a movie and think if it was me I would get out of the hole and kill a bunch of kids? well if so then this is your flick! 😜
2024-02-02 07:09:22
my comment would be about the movie itself it is weird and very unlikely to be in a hole with no way out and have power and water going to it and everything Solid Rock go figure but finish watching the movie
2024-02-02 10:54:17
how in the hell he found himself in the hole in the first place and why the fuck would you follow some weird child in the first place