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The Shed - 2019

The story of Stan, an orphaned teenager stuck living with his grandfather that is abusive and tasked with protecting his very best friend from high school servants. When Stan discovers a murderous monster has taken refuge he tries to combat the demon independently until his bullied friend discovers the monster and also has a far more sinister plan in mind.


2023-01-09 21:32:38
vampires aren't supposed to be able to come into your house unless you invite them in so it shouldn't have mattered that she didn't do the Attic
2023-01-08 01:01:26
this is crazy if it's a vampire why didn't it just come out and kill him at night
2023-01-11 07:15:10
she takes a trip down memory lane by stopping to look at prom pics
2023-01-05 15:23:59
t. c. it's a good movie if you like ?
2023-01-10 20:23:39
Great horror movie. In a world today where just about everything has been done . This new version of vampires is a breath of fresh air. awesome.
2023-01-10 11:08:55
This movie was the most stupid ever... I couldn't watch it all the way through. his role was to play the most dumbest scary slow mf ever
2023-01-10 03:24:15
he waited to get the shot gun until the end of the movie,stupid.
2023-01-13 02:14:26
Way better than the walking dead. Best movie of all time. Classic for decades to come. Will watch again over and over